Virginia Capitol Connections 2023

Tourism Works for Virginia. Tourism is an instant revenue generator for Virginia. Dollars spent by travelers fuel the economy, provide jobs for Virginians, and improve communities across the Commonwealth. Keswick Hall Charlottesville, Virginia

1 Contents Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General . . . . . 4 Governor’s Cabinet . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Governor’s Staff . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 Senate . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Seniority . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 Districts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 Members . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17 Information from State Agencies . . 5, 11, 34, 36, 37 Members by Counties and Cities . . . . . . . . 27 Birthdays . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 39 House . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42 Seniority . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 44 Districts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 46 Members . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 49 Virginia Delegation in DC . . . . . . . . . . 70 Directory w Bill Room–804.786.6984 w Commonwealth of Virginia Information– w Conflict of Interest and Ethics Advisory Council • 804.698.1810 w General Assembly of Virginia– w Legislative Information System– 2023 Redbook Virginia Capitol Connections Volume 37 - Copyright ©2023 David L. Bailey A nonpartisan annual publication dedicated to a more informed electorate. Published by Virginia Capitol Connections • 1108 East Main Street • Suite 1200 Richmond, VA 23219 • 804.643.5554 Digital version on CAPITOL SQUARE Who To Contact Division of Capitol Police (804) 786-HELP (4357) DCP non-emergency number (804) 786-2568 Fire or Rescue 911 (state landline 9-911) Virginia Poison Center (800) 222-1222 U.S. Suicide Prevention Lifeline (800) 273-8255 For info about VSCAN Capitol alerts, visit Virginia Capitol Police • Trusted Since 1618

2 Organizations AARP Virginia Jared Calafee, Director for Advocacy and Outreach, 804.839.1856 Alliance for Construction Excellence (ACE) J.T. Thomas, Chairman, 703.658.4383 Fraternal Order of Police, VA State Lodge Brad Carruther, President, 804.745.6720 Speech-Language-Hearing Association of Virginia (SHAV) Donna Bryant, President • Virginia Association for Career and Technical Education Darla Miller, Executive Director, 540.292.1278 Virginia Association for Marriage and Family Therapy Virginia Association of Realtors Terri Suit, CEO, o) 804.249.5702 c) 804.381.1222 Anthony Reedy, VP of Political Operations, 804.249.5719 Mary Lawson, Vice-President of Legislative Affairs, 804.249.5718 Erin Barton, Legislative Counsel, 804.622.7962 Virginia Association of Volunteer Rescue Squads, Inc. Edward “Buddy” Bish, Executive Director, 804.749.8191 Virginia Cable Telecommunications Association Ray LaMura, President, 804.780.1776 Virginia Coalition of Police and Deputy Sheriffs Chip Condon, President, 1.800.913.2727 Virginia Education Association – 804.648.5801 Dr. James Fedderman, President Shane Riddle, Director of Government Relations Virginia Electoral Board Association JoAnne Speiden, President, 434.351.3865 Virginia Fire Chiefs Association John Prillaman, President, 540.375.3080 Virginia Governmental Employees Association J. Marshall Terry, Executive Director, 804.355.2118 Virginia League of Conservation Voters Michael Town, Executive Director, 804.225.1902 Virginia Professional Fire Fighters Robert Bragg, President, 434.882.8238 Virginia Retired Teachers Association Jean Marrow, President, 804.275.7278 KarenWhetzel, President-elect, 540-740-8589 Bea Morris, Legislative Liaison Virginia School Counselor Association Laura Kershner, Chair Amy Gleason Carroll, Assistant Chair Virginia State Firefighters Association Pete Kirby, President, 804.873.5955 Voter Registrars Association of Virginia Brenda Cabrera, President, 703.385.7891

3 Hotels The Commonwealth (Per diem rates offered, restrictions apply) 804.343.7300 • 901 Bank Street, Richmond Adjacent to General Assembly Delta Hotels by Marriott Richmond Downtown (Special Session rates available) 804.788.0900 • 555 East Canal Street, Richmond Linden Row Inn (Special Session rates available) 804.225.5841 • 100 East Franklin Street, Richmond Eateries David Napier’s White House Catering Historic Shockoe Bottom • 804.644.4411 Rueger’s Restaurant & Bar 901 Bank Street, Richmond • 804.343.7300 (Inside The Commonwealth) Services Gus’s Shoe Repair 528 East Main Street, Richmond • 804.782.6959

4 Governor The Honorable Glenn Youngkin (R) Governor’s Office Third Floor Patrick Henry Building Mailing Address: 1111 East Broad Street Richmond, VA 23219 P 804.786.2211 Salutation: Dear Governor Youngkin Lieutenant Governor The Honorable Winsome Earle-Sears (R) Oliver Hill Building P.O. Box 1195 Richmond, VA 23218 P 804.786.2078 Salutation: Dear Lieutenant Governor Sears Attorney General The Honorable Jason S. Miyares (R) Barbara Johns Building 202 North Ninth Street Richmond, VA 23219 P 804.786-2071 Salutation: Dear Attorney General Miyares

Strong leadership for the health of Virginia Meet Virginia’s public health team Colin M. Greene, MD, MPH State Health Commissioner Laurie Forlano, DO, MPH Deputy Director, Office of Epidemiology Bob Hicks Deputy Commissioner, Public Health and Preparedness Acting Deputy Commissioner, Community Health Services As we face COVID-19 and other emerging health threats, it’s critical for Virginia to remain prepared and resilient. Now and in the future, the Virginia Department of Health’s leadership stands strong, with a proactive, evidence-based approach to protecting Virginia’s health. We’re here to work for all, especially those at the highest risk; to be a trusted source for health information; to address health equity; and to keep all Virginians prepared for and aware of what’s to come. Your health is our job, and we’re committed to giving it our all.

6 Governor’s Cabinet Each Cabinet Secretary receives mail at: P.O. Box 1475, Richmond, VA 23218 The Honorable Jeff Goettman Governor’s Chief of Staff The Honorable Margaret “Lyn” McDermid Secretary of Administration 804.786.1201 Michael O’Malley, Deputy Secretary of Administration & Chief Procurement Joyce Reed, Deputy Secretary of Administration The Honorable Matthew Lohr Secretary of Agriculture and Forestry 804.692.2511 Parker Slaybaugh, Chief Deputy Beth Green, Deputy The Honorable Kay James Secretary of the Commonwealth 804.663.7761 Jenna Moon, Deputy Nikki Thacker, Chief Deputy

7 The Honorable Caren Merrick Secretary of Commerce and Trade 804.225.4522 Garrison Coward, Deputy 804.892.8150 The Honorable Aimee Rogstad Guidera Secretary of Education 804.225.4807 Sarah Spota, Deputy McKenzie Snow, Deputy The Honorable Stephen E. Cummings Secretary of Finance 804.786.1148 Charles Kennington, Deputy John Markowitz, Deputy The Honorable John Littel Secretary of Health and Human Resources 804.692.2579 James Williams, Chief Deputy Secretary Leah Mills, Deputy Secretary The Honorable George “Bryan” Slater Secretary of Labor 804.663.7494 Anthony Reedy, Deputy Secretary

8 The Honorable Travis Voyles Acting Secretary of Natural and Historic Resources 804.692.2560 JenniferWalle, Deputy The Honorable Robert “Bob” Mosier Secretary of Public Safety and Homeland Security 804.786.5351 Aliscia Andrews, Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security Maggie Cleary, Deputy Secretary of Public Safety The Honorable Sheppard Miller, III Secretary of Transportation 804.786.8032 John Lawson, Deputy Rachel Jones, Deputy Michael Sargent, Deputy The Honorable Craig Crenshaw Secretary of Veterans and Defense Affairs 804.225.431 Jason Pak, Deputy The Honorable Richard Cullen Counselor to the Governor 804.663.7875 E. Duncan Getchell, Deputy

9 The Honorable Martin Brown Chief Diversity, Opportunity and Inclusion Officer 804.892.8274 diversityopportunityinclusion@governor. Michael Perez, Deputy The Honorable Eric Moeller Chief Transformation Officer 804.663.7491 Governor’s Staff P.O. Box 1475, Richmond, VA 23218 Deputy Chief of Staff & Communications Director – Becca Glover Press Secretary – Macaulay Porter Policy Director – Ali Ahmad Legislative Affairs Director – Jesse Lynch Deputy Director of Legislative Affairs – Nicole Ogburn Senior Legislative Liaison – Travis Rickman Senior Adviser to the Governor – Andrew Wheeler Senior Policy Advisor – Hallie Pence Policy Analyst – Amber Salter Policy Analyst – Skip Estes Chief of Staff–First Lady – Colleen Messick Constituent Services 804.786.2211

10 Senate During Session Send Mail to: The Honorable ______________ Pocahontas Building, Richmond, VA 23219 Salutation: Dear Senator __________ President of the Senate The HonorableWinsome Sears (R) Lieutenant Governor–804.786.2078 President Pro Tempore The Honorable L. Louise Lucas (D) Pocahontas Building, Room E604 804.698.7518 Majority Leader The Honorable Richard S. Saslaw (D) Pocahontas Building, Room E602 804.698.7535 Minority Leader The Honorable Thomas K. Norment Jr. (R) Pocahontas Building, Room E603 804.698.7503 Clerk of the Senate The Honorable Susan Clarke Schaar Office 804.698.7400 Salutation: Dear Mrs. Schaar Deputy Clerk–804.698.7400 Committee Clerks–804.698.7450 Finance Committee–804.698.7480 Information–804.698.7410 or 888-892.6948 Senate Clerk’s Office Staff– Senator/SCOPersonnel.php Committees– standingcommittees.php • A ordable large and small meeting spaces • Accommodating groups from 5 to 200 • A/V technology – WIFI – hybrid meeting options • Food and beverage options St. Paul’s Episcopal Church on Capitol Square For more information contact our church o ce at 804.643.3598 or | 815 E. Grace Street, Richmond, VA (parking o of 8th Street) MEETING SPACE AND PARKING AVAILABLE

VIRGINIA DEPARTMENT OF SMALL BUSINESS AND SUPPLIER DIVERSITY More than 99% of Virginia’s businesses are small. We are your economic development agency, helping you grow and prosper through increased revenue and job creation. What we offer… • Virginia Small Business Financing Authority providing access to capital; • Business Development and Outreach providing education and outreach to assist small businesses with strategic growth and development; • Certifications to enhance procurement opportunities for SWaM and DBE qualified businesses; • Sourcing and Compliance Division is advancing equity and maximizing participation of SWaM certified businesses. For further information about services offered, please visit us at or call (804) 786-6585

12 2023 Senate Seniority Senate House 1. Richard L. Saslaw (D) 1980 1976-1980 2. Janet D. Howell (D) 1992 3. L. Louise Lucas (D) 1992 4. Thomas K. Norment, Jr. (R) 1992 5. Emmett W. Hanger, Jr. (R) 1996 1983-1992 6. Stephen D. Newman (R) 1996 1992-1996 7. John S. Edwards (D) 1996 8. Frank M. Ruff, Jr. (R) 2000 1994-2000 9. R. Creigh Deeds (D) 2001 1992-2001 10. Mark D. Obenshain (R) 2004 11. Mamie E. Locke (D) 2004 12. Ryan T. McDougle (R) 2006 2002-2006 13. J. Chapman Petersen (D) 2008 2002-2006 14. George L. Barker (D) 2008 15. Jill Holtzman Vogel (R) 2008 16. Richard H. Stuart (R) 2008 17. DavidW. Marsden (D) 2010 2006-2010 18. William M. Stanley, Jr. (R) 2011 19. Adam P. Ebbin (D) 2012 2004-2012 20. Bryce E. Reeves (R) 2012 21. Barbara A. Favola (D) 2012 22. John A. Cosgrove, Jr. (R) 2013 2002-2013 23. LynwoodW. Lewis, Jr. (D) 2014 2004-2014 24. Scott A. Surovell (D) 2016 2010-2016 25. William R. DeSteph, Jr. (R) 2016 2014-2016 26. Siobhan S. Dunnavant (R) 2016 27. Amanda F. Chase (R) 2016 28. Jeremy S. McPike (D) 2016 29. David R. Suetterlein (R) 2016 30. Lionell Spruill (D) 2016 1994-2016 31. Monty Mason (D) 2016 2014-2016 32. Jennifer L. McClellan (D) 2017 2006-2017 33. Mark J. Peake (R) 2017 34. Jennifer Boysko (D) 2019 2016-2019 35. Joseph Morrissey (D) 2020 2008-2015 36. Todd Pillion (R) 2020 2014-2020 37. John Bell (D) 2020 2016-2020 38. Ghazala Hashmi (D) 2020 39. Travis Hackworth (R) 2021 40. Aaron R. Rouse (D) 1/10/2023

13 • EXCEL CENTER® ADULT HIGH SCHOOL* • Integrated Education & Training •Diploma+Credentials inDemand Occupations • OCCUPATIONAL SKILLS TRAINING • Skills Training for Demand Occupations such as Healthcare and Construction • Awarded more than 3,000 Credentials in 2022 • YOUTH SERVICES • Multiple Services for Youth with Disabilities • YouthHQ Youth Center • Summer Employment Programs • EMPLOYABILITY SKILLS • Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) • Supported Employment for Adults with Disabilities

14 2023 Senate Districts 1 Mason, T. Montgomery (D) 2 Locke, Mamie E. (D) 3 Norment, Thomas K., Jr. (R) 4 McDougle, Ryan T. (R) 5 Spruill, Lionell, Sr. (D) 6 Lewis, LynwoodW., Jr. (D) 7 Rouse, Aaron R. (D) 8 DeSteph, Bill (R) 9 McClellan, Jennifer L. (D) 10 Hashmi, Ghazala F. (D) 11 Chase, Amanda F. (R) 12 Dunnavant, Siobhan S. (R) 13 Bell, John J. (D) 14 Cosgrove, John A., Jr. (R) 15 Ruff, Frank M., Jr. (R) 16 Morrissey, Joseph D. (D) 17 Reeves, Bryce E. (R) 18 Lucas, L. Louise (D) 19 Suetterlein, David R., (R) 20 Stanley, William M., Jr. (R) 21 Edwards, John S. (D) 22 Peake, Mark J. (R) 23 Newman, Stephen D. (R) 24 Hanger, Emmett W., Jr. (R) 25 Deeds, R. Creigh (D) 26 Obenshain, Mark D. (R) 27 Vogel, Jill Holtzman (R) 28 Stuart, Richard H. (R) 29 McPike, Jeremy S. (D) 30 Ebbin, Adam P. (D) 31 Favola, Barbara A. (D) 32 Howell, Janet D. (D) 33 Boysko, Jennifer B. (D) 34 Petersen, J. Chapman (D) 35 Saslaw, Richard L. (D) 36 Surovell, Scott A. (D) 37 Marsden, DavidW. (D) 38 Hackworth ,Travis (R) 39 Barker, George L. (D) 40 Pillion, Todd E. (R) Protecting the automobile franchise system since 1943. View our video:

COVID-19 exposed the chronic, ongoing issues in Virginia’s nursing homes and has emphasized the urgent need for reform. Our seniors deserve better than subpar conditions. That’s why AARP is fighting to put the safety and well-being of nursing home residents first. It’s time to hold nursing homes and other longterm care facilities accountable for providing safe environments and high-quality care for residents. The Virginia General Assembly must take action to ensure residents receive the care they need by: • establishing minimum staffing standards • guaranteeing quarterly training on issues like infection prevention protocols • requiring background checks for every nursing home employee. Virginia lawmakers: Protect nursing home residents. Learn more at | @AARPVa | Paid for by AARP Virginia Virginia’s nursing home residents deserve better. C VID-19 exposed the chronic, ngoing issues in Virginia’s nursing homes and has emphasized the urgent need for reform. Our seniors deserve better than subpar conditions. That’s why AARP is fighting to p t the safety and well-being of nursing home residents first. It’s time to hold nursing homes and other long-term care facilities accountable for providing safe environments and highquality care for residents. The Virginia General Assembly must take action to ensure esidents receive the care they n ed by establishing minimum staffing standards. Virginia lawmakers: Protect nursing home residents. Learn more at | @AARPVa | Paid for by AARP Virginia Virginia’s nursing home residents deserve better. O ron ni o u rsing homes and other long-term care facilities a n ronments nd high a e sembly must ive the care y need by e ng Virginia : Pro sing me .org/VAnursinghomes . . i f ing home residents e er ter. COVID-19 exposed the chronic, ongoing issues in Virginia’s nursing homes and has emphasized the urgent nee for r form. Our seniors deserve better than subpar conditions. That’s why AARP is fighting to put the safety and well-bei g of nursi home residents first. It’s time to hold nursing homes and other long-term care facilities accountable for providing safe environments and highquality care for residents. The Virginia General Assembly must take action to ensure residents receive the care hey need by establishing minimum staffing standards. Virginia lawmakers: Protect nursing home residents. Learn more at | @AARPVa | Paid for by AARP Virginia Virginia’s nursing home residents deserve better. COVID-19 exposed the chronic, ongoing issues in Virginia’s nursing homes and has emphasized the urgent need for reform. Our seniors deserve better than subpar conditions. That’s why AARP is fighting to put the safety and well-being of nursing home residents first. It’s time to hold nursing homes and other longterm care facilities accountable for providing safe environments and high-quality care for residents. T e Virginia General Assembly must take action to nsure r idents receiv the care they need by: • establishing minimum staffing standards • guaranteeing quarterly training on issues like infection prevention protocols • requiring background checks for every nursing home employee. Virginia law akers: Protect nursing ho e residents. Learn ore at ursingho es | @AARPVa | P id for by AARP Virginia Vir i i ’s rsi i t s e ett .

17 Barker, George (D-39th) Part of Alexandria, Fairfax and Prince William Pocahontas 804.698.7539 • Room E619 P.O. Box 10527 Alexandria, VA 22310 P 703.303.1426 Spouse: Jane; Chief of Staff: David Wesolowski Bell, John (D-13th) Part of Loudon and Prince William Pocahontas 804.698.7513 • Room E522 P.O. Box 4489 Broadlands, VA 20148 P 571.367.9080 Spouse: Margaret; Chief of Staff: Caleigh Lynch; Director of Constituent Services: Ryan Frasier Boysko, Jennifer (D-33rd) Part of Loudoun and Fairfax County Pocahontas 804.698.7533 • Room E513 P.O. Box 247 Herndon, VA 20172 P 703.437.0086 Spouse: Glenn; Chief of Staff: Karen Harrison; LA: Kathy Shupe, Jack Gorman Chase, Amanda (R-11th) Amelia, Colonial Heights; Part of Chesterfield Pocahontas 804.698.7511 • Room E523 P.O. Box 5811 • Midlothian, VA 23112 Spouse: Mike; LA: Debbie Gwynne, Jody Pyles, Heather Pyles Cosgrove, John A. (R-14th) Part of Chesapeake, Franklin City, Isle of Wight, Portsmouth, Southampton, Suffolk and Virginia Beach Pocahontas 804.698.7514 • Room E607 P.O. Box 15483 • Chesapeake, VA 23328 P 757.547.3422 Spouse: Sue; Chief of Staff: Christie New Craig; LA: Diana Seaman • 757.434.3746

18 Deeds, R. Creigh (D-25th) Alleghany, Bath, Buena Vista, Charlottesville, Covington, Lexington, Highland, Nelson and Rockbridge; Part of Albemarle Pocahontas 804.698.7525 • Room E503 P.O. Box 5462 • Charlottesville, VA 22905 P 434.296.5491 • P 540.839.2473 Spouse: Siobhan; LA: Tracy Eppard, Tristan Anderson DeSteph, Bill (R-8th) Part of Virginia Beach Pocahontas 804.698.7508 • Room E608 588 Central Drive Virginia Beach, VA 23454 P 757.321.8180 Spouse: Helen; Chief of Staff: Jill Eyler; LA: W. Scott Humphrey Dunnavant , Siobhan, M.D. (R-12th) Part of Hanover and Henrico Pocahontas 804.698.7512 • Room E613 P.O. Box 70849 Henrico, VA 23255 P 804.270.5600 Spouse: Lloyd; LA: Hannah Kowitz Ebbin, Adam P. (D-30th) Part of Alexandria, Arlington, and Fairfax County Pocahontas 804.698.7530 • Room E520 P.O. Box 26415 • Alexandria, VA 22313 P 571.384.8957 Chief of Staff: Henry Watkins; LA: Molly Montague Edwards, John S . (D-21st) Giles and Roanoke City; Part of Montgomery and Roanoke County Pocahontas 804.698.7521 • Room E506 P.O. Box 1179 • Roanoke, VA 24006 P 540.985.8690 • F 540.345.9950 Spouse: Cathye; Chief of Staff: Luke Priddy; LA: Patrick Giallorenzo

19 Favola, Barbara A. (D-31st) Part of Arlington, Fairfax County and Loudoun Pocahontas 804.698.7531 • Room E610 2319 18th Street North Arlington, VA 22201-3506 P 703.835.4845 Spouse: Douglas; Chief of Staff: Julia Kim; LA: Ann Fitzgibbon; Communications Director: Grayson Lewis Hackworth, Travis (R-38th) Bland, Buchanan, Dickenson, Norton, Pulaski, Radford, Russell and Tazewell; Part of Montgomery, Smyth and Wise Pocahontas 804.698.7538 • Room E514 1515 2nd Street • Richlands, VA 24641 P 276.345.9112 Spouse: Angela; LA: Angie Hall, Courtney Joseph Hanger, Jr., Emmett W. (R-24th) Augusta, Greene, Madison, Staunton and Waynesboro; Part of Culpeper and Rockingham Pocahontas 804.698.7524 • Room E507 P.O. Box 2 • Mount Solon, VA 22843-0002 P 540.885.6898 Spouse: Sharon; Senior Legislative Director: Holly Herman Hashmi, Ghazala (D-10th) Powhatan; Part of Chesterfield and Richmond City Pocahontas 804.698.7510 • Room E516 P.O. Box 72923 • Richmond, VA 23235 Spouse: Azhar Rafiq; Chief of Staff: June Laffey; LA: Charles Turner Howell, Janet D. (D-32nd) Part of Arlington and Fairfax County Pocahontas 804.698.7532 • Room E509 P.O. Box 2608 • Reston, VA 20195 P 703.709.8283 Spouse: Hunt; Chief of Staff: Karol Straub; LA: Edyta Wiesner

20 Lewis, Jr., Lynwood W. (D-6th) Accomack, Mathews, and Northampton; Part of Norfolk and Virginia Beach Pocahontas 804.698.7506 • Room E609 P.O. Box 760 • Accomac, VA 23301 P 757.787.1094 • F 757.787.2352 Chief of Staff: Jessie Williams-Reynolds LA: Gabriella Francese Locke, Mamie E. (D-2nd) Part of Hampton, Newport News, Portsmouth and York Pocahontas 804.698.7502 • Room E510 2101 Executive Drive Suite 810 • Mailbox 41 P 757.825.5880 Chief of Staff: Theressa E. Parker; LA: Nikolaus Sams Lucas, L. Louise (D-18th) Emporia, Greensville and Sussex; Part of Brunswick, Chesapeake, Franklin City, Isle of Wight, Portsmouth, Southampton, Suffolk and Surry Pocahontas 804.698.7518 • Room E604 P.O. Box 700 • Portsmouth, VA 23705-0700 P 757.397.8209 Chief of Staff: William Smith; Legislative Office Manager: Temeshia Brown Marsden, Dave W. (D-37th) Part of Fairfax County Pocahontas 804.698.7537 • Room E618 P.O. Box 10889 • Burke, VA 22009 P 571.249.3037 Spouse: Julia; Chief of Staff: Jimmy Rogers LA; Max Shatzen Mason, Monty (D-1st) Williamsburg; Part of Hampton, James City, Newport News, York and Suffolk Pocahontas 804.698.7501 • Room E515 P.O. Box 232 Williamsburg, VA 23187 P 757.229.9310 Spouse: Pamela; LA: Baxter Carter

21 McClellan, Jennifer L. (D-9th) Charles City; Part of Hanover, Henrico and Richmond City Pocahontas 804.698.7509 • Room E512 Spouse: David; Chief of Staff: Maryn Wood McDougle, Ryan (R-4th) Caroline, Essex, Lancaster, Middlesex, Northumberland, Richmond County; Part of Hanover, King George, Spotsylvania and Westmoreland Pocahontas 804.698.7504 • Room E501 P.O. Box 187 • Mechanicsville, VA 23111 P 804.730.1026 • F 804.550.2897 Spouse: Robyn; Legislative Director: Joey Funai McPike, Jeremy (D-29th) Manassas and Manassas Park; Part of Prince William Pocahontas 804.698.7529 • Room E511 P.O. Box 2819 • Woodbridge, VA 22195 P 571.316.0581 Spouse: Sharon; Chief of Staff: Malena Llanos; LA: Yosuf Zulal Morrissey, Joseph “Joe” (D-16th) Hopewell and Petersburg; Part of Chesterfield, Dinwiddie, Prince George and Richmond Pocahontas 804.698.7516 • Room E614 P.O. Box 396 • Richmond, Virginia 23219 P 804.737.1626 Spouse: Myrna; LA: Matthew Wheeler Newman, Stephen D. “Steve” (R-23rd) Campbell County (Part), Botetourt County (All), Craig County (All), Bedford County (Part), Roanoke County (Part), Lynchburg City (Part) Pocahontas 804.698.7523 • Room E508 P.O. Box 480 • Forest, VA 24551 P 434.385.1065 • F 434.485.8111 Spouse: Kim; LA: Sarah Owen

22 Norment , Jr., Thomas K. (R-3rd) Gloucester, King and Queen, King William, New Kent, Poquoson; Part of Isle of Wight, James City, York, Hampton, Suffolk and Surry Pocahontas 804.698.7503 • Room E603 P.O. Box 6205 • Williamsburg, VA 23188 P 757.259.7810 • F 757.259.7812 LA: Mike Kemp, Trevor Webb Obenshain, Mark D. (R-26th) Harrisonburg, Page, Rappahannock, Shenandoah and Warren; Part of Rockingham Pocahontas 804.698.7526 • Room E502 P.O. Box 555 • Harrisonburg, VA 22803 P 540.437.1451 Spouse: Suzanne; LA: Jennifer Aulgur, Connor Smith Peake, Mark J . (R-22nd) Amherst, Appomattox, Buckingham, Cumberland, Fluvanna, Goochland and Prince Edward; Part of Louisa and Lynchburg Pocahontas 804.698.7522 • Room E615 4925 Boonsboro Road, Suite 172 Lynchburg, VA 24503 P 434.455.3392 Spouse: Lila; LA: Ashley Layman; Session Aide: Matthew Wisniewski Petersen, Chap (D-34th) Fairfax City; Part of Fairfax County Pocahontas 804.698.7534 • Room E517 P.O. Box 1066 • Fairfax, VA 22038-1066 P 703.349.3361 • F 800.635.9417 Spouse: Sharon; LA: Kathy Neilson Pillion, Todd E. (R-40th) Grayson, Lee, Scott, Washington, Bristol; Part of Smyth, Wise and Wythe Pocahontas 804.698.7540 • Room E616 851 French Moore Jr. Blvd. • Suite 178 Abingdon, VA 24210 P 276.220.1209 Spouse: Amanda; LA: Tyler Lester

23 Reeves, Bryce E. (R-17th) Orange and Fredericksburg; Part of Albemarle, Culpeper, Louisa and Spotsylvania Pocahontas 804.698.7517 • Room E521 P.O. Box 7021 • Fredericksburg, VA 22404 P 540.645.8440 Legislative Director: James Manetz; Senior Advisor: Christopher Snider Rouse, Aaron R. Part of Norfolk and Virginia Beach Pocahontas 804.698.7507 • Room E518 P.O. Box 2864 • Virginia Beach, VA 23450 Spouse: Jennifer; Chief of Staff: Ryan Jackson Ruff, Jr., Frank M. (R-15th) Charlotte, Lunenburg, Mecklenburg and Nottoway; Part of Brunswick, Campbell, Danville, Dinwiddie, Halifax, Pittsylvania and Prince George Pocahontas 804.698.7515 • Room E505 P.O. Box 332 • Clarksville, VA 23927 P 434.374.5129 Spouse: Jessica; Legislative Director: Cindy Hosmer Saslaw, Richard L. (D-35th) Falls Church; Part of Alexandria and Fairfax County Pocahontas 804.698.7535 • Room E602 P.O. Box 1856 Springfield, VA 22151-0856 P 703.978.0200 Spouse: Eleanor; Chief of Staff: Janet Muldoon Spruill, Sr., Lionell (D-5th) Part of Norfolk and Chesapeake Pocahontas 804.698.7505 • Room E524 P.O. Box 5403 • Chesapeake, VA 23324 P 757.424.2178 Chief of Staff: Susan Rowland; Session Aide: Liz Francis

24 Stanley, William M. “Bill” (R-20th) Henry, Galax, Martinsville and Patrick; Part of Carroll, Danville, Franklin County, Halifax and Pittsylvania Pocahontas 804.698.7520 • Room E504 P.O. Box 96 Glade Hill, VA 24092 P 540.721.6028 Spouse: Laura; LA: Deborah Duke-Daly, Phil Rapp Stuart , Richard H. (R-28th) Part of King George, Prince William, Spotsylvania, Stafford and Westmoreland Pocahontas 804.698.7528 • Room E611 P.O. Box 1146 • Montross, VA 22520 P 804.493.8892 Spouse: Lisa; LA: Jake Salmons Suetterlein, David R. (R-19th) Floyd and Salem; Part of Bedford County, Carroll, Franklin County, Montgomery, Roanoke County and Wythe Pocahontas 804.698.7519 • Room E519 P.O. Box 20237 • Roanoke, VA 24018 P 540.302.8486 Spouse: Ashley Suetterlein; LA: Nikki Thacker Surovell, Scott A. (D-36th) Part of Fairfax, Prince William and Stafford Pocahontas 804.698.7536 • Room E617 P.O. Box 289 • Mt. Vernon, VA 22121 P 571.249.4484 Spouse: Erinn Madden; Chief of Staff: Philip Scranage; Constituent Relations Manager: Dalton Bisson Vogel, Jill Holtzman (R-27th) Clarke, Fauquier, Frederick and Winchester; Part of Culpeper, Loudoun and Stafford Pocahontas 804.698.7527 • Room E612 332 West Lee Highway, PMB 312 Warrenton,VA 20186 P 540.270.7055 Spouse: Alex; Chief of Staff: Angie Sharp Bell; LA: Kay Harris

The Wilder School is the premiere resource for public policy expertise in Virginia: • Led by Dean Susan Gooden, a globally renowned public policy expert and immediate past-president of the largest accrediting body of public affairs programs, NASPAA • The Research Institute for Social Equity provides top expertise and program evaluation for society’s marginalized voices • Home to the Commonwealth Poll, a long-trusted bellwether of public opinion • Fully-accredited, award-winning M.P.A. program now available online 1st in PUBLIC AFFAIRS in Virginia Wilder School Dean Susan Gooden and 66th Governor of Virginia L. DouglasWilder


27 Accomack Lewis Albemarle Deeds, Reeves Alexandria City Barker, Ebbin, Saslaw Alleghany Deeds Amelia Chase Amherst Peake Appomattox Peake Arlington Ebbin, Favola, Howell Augusta Hanger Bath Deeds Bedford Newman, Suetterlein Bland Hackworth Botetourt Newman Bristol City Pillion Brunswick Lucas, Ruff Buchanan Hackworth Buckingham Peake Buena Vista City Deeds Campbell Newman, Ruff Caroline McDougle Carroll Stanley, Suetterlein Charles City McClellan Charlotte Ruff Accomack Bloxom Albemarle Runion, Fariss, Bell, Hudson Alexandria City Herring, Bennett-Parker Alleghany Austin Amelia Wright Amherst Walker, E. Campbell Appomattox Fariss Arlington Hope, Bennett-Parker, Lopez, Sullivan Augusta Avoli, E.Campbell, Runion Bath E. Campbell Bedford Austin, Byron, Walker Bland Morefield Botetourt Austin, Head Bristol City O’Quinn Brunswick Wachsmann Buchanan Morefield Buckingham Fariss Buena Vista E. Campbell Campbell Byron, Edmunds, Fariss Caroline Fowler, Orrock, Ransone Carroll J. Campbell Charles City McQuinn Charlotte Edmunds Members by Counties and Cities Senate House

28 Charlottesville Deeds Chesapeake Cosgrove, Lucas, Spruill Chesterfield Chase, Hashmi, Morrissey Clarke Vogel Colonial Heights Chase Covington Deeds Craig Newman Culpeper Hanger, Reeves, Vogel Cumberland Peake Danville City Ruff, Stanley Dickenson Hackworth Dinwiddie Morrissey, Ruff Emporia City Lucas Essex McDougle Fairfax Barker, Boysko, Ebbin, Favola, Howell, Marsden, Petersen, Saslaw, Surovell Fairfax City Petersen Falls Church City Saslaw Fauquier Vogel Floyd Suetterlein Fluvanna Peake Charlottesville Hudson Chesapeake Clark, Convirs-Fowler, Hayes, D. Scott, Jenkins, Leftwich Chesterfield D. Adams, Taylor, Cherry, Coyner, McQuinn, Robinson, Ware Clarke Gooditis, LaRock Colonial Heights Cherry Covington Austin Craig McNamara Culpeper Freitas, Webert Cumberland Wright Danville City Marshall Dickenson Wampler Dinwiddie Taylor Emporia City Wachsmann Essex Hodges Fairfax Bulova, Boysko, Delaney, Filler-Corn, Helmer, Kory, Krizek, Bennett-Parker, Lopez, Murphy, Plum, Seibold, Shin, Sickles, Simon, Sullivan, Tran, Watts Fairfax City Bulova, Speibold Falls Church City Simon Fauquier Guzman, P. Scott,Webert Floyd March Fluvanna Bell, Ware Members by Counties and Cities Senate House

29 Franklin Stanley, Suetterlein Franklin City Cosgrove, Lucas Frederick Vogel Fredericksburg Reeves Galax Stanley Giles Edwards Gloucester Norment Goochland Peake Grayson Pillion Greene Hanger Greensville Lucas Halifax Ruff, Stanley Hampton Locke, Mason, Norment Hanover Dunnavant, McClellan, McDougle Harrisonburg City Obenshain Henrico Dunnavant, McClellan Henry Stanley Highland Deeds Hopewell City Morrissey Isle of Wight Cosgrove, Lucas, Norment James City Mason, Norment King and Queen Norment King George McDougle, Stuart Franklin Byron, Williams Franklin City Wachsmann Frederick Wiley, Gooditis, LaRock Fredericksburg Durant, P. Scott Galax O’Quinn Giles Ballard Gloucester Hodges Goochland McGuire, Ware Grayson O’Quinn Greene Bell Greensville Wachsmann Halifax Edmunds Hampton Cordoza, Ward Hanover Fowler, Wyatt Harrisonburg City Wilt Henrico D. Adams, Bagby, McGuire, McQuinn, Willett, VanValkenburg Henry L. Adams, Marshall, Williams Highland Avoli Hopewell City Coyner Isle of Wight Brewer James City Mullin, Batten King and Queen Hodges King George Ransone Members by Counties and Cities Senate House

30 KingWilliam Norment Lancaster McDougle Lee Pillion Lexington City Deeds Loudoun Bell, Boysko, Favola, Vogel Louisa Peake, Reeves Lunenburg Ruff Lynchburg City Newman, Peake Madison Hanger Manassas McPike Manassas Park McPike Martinsville City Stanley Mathews Lewis Mecklenburg Ruff Middlesex McDougle Montgomery Hackworth, Edwards, Suetterlein Nelson Deeds New Kent Norment Newport News Locke, Mason Norfolk Lewis, Rouse, Spruill Northampton Lewis Northumberland McDougle KingWilliam Hodges, Wyatt Lancaster Ransone Lee Kilgore Lexington City E. Campbell Loudoun Delaney, Gooditis, LaRock, Murphy, Reid, Shin, Subramanyam Louisa McGuire Lunenburg Wachsmann, Wright Lynchburg City Byron, Walker Madison Freitas Manassas Maldonado Manassas Park Roem Martinsville City L. Adams Mathews Hodges Mecklenburg Wright Middlesex Hodges Montgomery Ballard, McNamara, March Nelson Avoli, Fariss New Kent Wyatt Newport News Mullin, Price, Simonds Norfolk Anderson, Bloxom, Clark, D. Scott, Williams Graves, Glass Northampton Bloxom Northumberland Ransone Members by Counties and Cities Senate House

31 Norton City Hackworth Nottoway Ruff Orange Reeves Page Obenshain Patrick Stanley Petersburg City Morrissey Pittsylvania Ruff, Stanley Poquoson City Norment Portsmouth City Cosgrove, Locke, Lucas Powhatan Hashmi Prince Edward Peake Prince George Morrissey, Ruff PrinceWilliam Barker, Bell, McPike, Stuart, Surovell Pulaski Hackworth Radford City Hackworth Rappahannock Obenshain Richmond McDougle Richmond City Hashmi, McClellan Roanoke Edwards, Newman, Suetterlein Roanoke City Edwards Rockbridge Deeds Rockingham Hanger, Obenshain Russell Hackworth Norton City Kilgore Nottoway Wright Orange Freitas Page Gilbert Patrick Williams Petersburg City Taylor Pittsylvania L. Adams, Marshall Poquoson City Cordoza Portsmouth City Clark, D. Scott Powhatan Ware Prince Edward Edmunds Prince George Brewer, Coyner PrinceWilliam Guzman, Helmer, Maldonado, Mundon King, Roem, Sewell, Subramanyam, Torian Pulaski Ballard, March Radford City Ballard Rappahannock Webert Richmond Ransone Richmond City D. Adams, Bourne, Carr, McQuinn, Roanoke Head, McNamara Roanoke City Head, Rasoul Rockbridge E. Campbell Rockingham Bell, Gilbert, Runion, Wilt Russell Morefield, Wampler Members by Counties and Cities Senate House

32 Salem City Suetterlein Scott Pillion Shenandoah Obenshain Smyth Hackworth, Pillion Southampton Cosgrove, Lucas Spotsylvania McDougle, Reeves, Stuart Stafford Stuart, Surovell, Vogel Staunton Hanger Suffolk Cosgrove, Lucas, Mason, Norment Surry Norment, Lucas Sussex Lucas Tazewell Hackworth Virginia Beach City Cosgrove, DeSteph, Lewis, Rouse Warren Obenshain Washington Pillion Waynesboro City Hanger Westmoreland McDougle, Stuart Williamsburg City Mason Winchester Vogel Wise Hackworth, Pillion Wythe Pillion, Suetterlein York Locke, Mason, Norment Salem City McNamara Scott Kilgore Shenandoah Todd Smyth J. Campbell, O’Quinn Southampton Wachsmann Spotsylvania Fowler, McGuire, Orrock, P. Scott Stafford Durant, Mundon King, P. Scott Staunton Avoli Suffolk Brewer, Clinton Surry Brewer Sussex Wachsmann Tazewell Morefield Virginia Beach City Greenhalgh, Bloxom, Convirs-Fowler, Davis, Anderson, Knight, Tata Warren Wiley, Gilbert, Webert Washington O’Quinn, Wampler Waynesboro City Avoli Westmoreland Ransone Williamsburg City Mullin Winchester Wiley Wise Kilgore, Wampler Wythe J. Campbell York Batten, Mullin Members by Counties and Cities Senate House

33 Visit to have our newsletter delivered to your inbox, to see who supports us, and to join the growing list of donors. Markus Schmidt Political Reporter markus@ (804) 822-1594 Introducing Cardinal News - an independent, nonpro t, nonpartisan online news site telling the important stories of Southwest and Southside Virginia. Our mission is to provide in-depth reporting on the political, economic and cultural trends shaping and re-shaping our region. Virginia’s Marketplace GOOD FOR GOVERNMENT. GREAT FOR BUSINESS. NEW PLATFORM LAUNCHED IN NOVEMBER 2022

UpVote Virginia is a newly launched, nonpartisan democracy reform organization that believes civic engagement doesn’t end just because an election is over. We strive to elevate the voices of Virginia voters through education, advocacy, and grassroots organization. Our first flagship issue is Ranked Choice Voting, a simple change to the way we cast our ballots that enables better voter experience, better campaigns, and ultimately, better government. Exec. Director: Liz White

Consolidated Laboratory Services Virginia’s public health and environmental laboratory, performing over 9 million tests annually Department of General Services MAKING IT EASIER FOR GOVERNMENT TO DO BUSINESS Construction Manages over $1 billion in projects statewide Engineering and Buildings Serves as the building official for construction on state property Fleet Management Provides roadside services and maintenance to over 7,300 vehicles Graphic Communications Designs and produces brochures, reports, web graphics and more Real Estate and Facility Management Manages statewide real estate portfolio Oversees the buildings, grounds and parking system at Capitol Square State Mail Services Manages mail operations at the seat of government Surplus Property Management Provides discounted gently used state and federal surplus furniture, equipment, vehicles and supplies Virginia Distribution Center Purchases food and supplies in bulk, resulting in cost savings for public bodies Purchases and Supply Procurement authority for non-technology goods and services system

A WIN FOR to Virginia’s K-12 public schools since 1999 $11 BILLION

SCAN FOR INFORMATION ABOUT BARTER’S 2022 SEASON Barter Theatre is partially funded by ABINGDON, VA

39 January 4 R. Creigh Deeds January 4 David Sutterlein January 6 Marie March January 6 Richard H. Stuart January 6 JeionWard January 8 Aaron R. Rouse January 10 James “Will” Morefield January 11 Roxann L. Robinson January 12 Angelia Williams Graves January 12 WrenWillaims January 13 Christopher T. “Chris” Head January 14 David Reid January 19 Mark J. Peake January 20 Danny Marshall, III January 22 L. Louise Lucas January 23 Phillip Scott January 29 John Bell February 3 Robert J. Wittman February 5 Richard L. Saslaw February 8 Mike Cherry February 11 Jason Miyares February 12 Robert Bloxom February 12 Kelly Convirs-Fowler February 13 Elizabeth Guzman February 18 Mark Sickles February 20 Kathleen Murphy February 26 Tim Kaine February 28 John Avoli February 29 Ben Cline March 3 Karen Greenhalgh March 5 Don Scott, Jr. March 5 Israel D. O’Quinn March 6 Jackie Glass March 6 Patrick A. Hope March 11 Winsome Sears March 11 WilliamWampler March 14 Rip Sullivan March 15 H. Morgan Griffith March 19 Mamie Locke March 22 Michelle Maldonado March 27 Chap Petersen March 30 Gerry Connolly April 5 Dave W. Marsden April 6 Joe McNamara April 12 Thomas K. Norment, Jr. April 18 L. Kaye Kory April 23 Rob Bell April 24 Margaret B. Ransone April 27 Briana Sewell April 27 Thomas “Tommy” C. Wright, Jr. Birthdays

40 April 30 Robert “Bobby” C. Scott May 6 David Bulova May 6 Keith M. Hodges May 7 Janet D. Howell May 8 Jeffrey Bourne May 11 C. Matt Fariss May 23 Nadarius Clark May 27 Emily Brewer May 27 Jennifer Wexton May 30 Dave A. LaRock May 30 Luke Torian June 5 Eileen Filler-Corn June 5 Travis Hackworth June 5 Schuyler VanValkenburg June 7 John Cosgrove June 7 Vivian E. Watts June 11 Mark Obenshain June 15 Scott Wyatt June 18 Les Adams June 18 Jen Kiggans June 19 Sally Hudson June 20 Don Beyer June 21 Barbara A. Favola June 25 Ellen H. Campbell June 26 William “Bill” Wiley June 30 Sam Rasoul July 1 Marcus Simon July 2 Buddy Fowler July 6 Jill Vogel July 20 Marcia S. “Cia” Price July 21 James Edmunds July 21 William “Bill” M. Stanley July 22 Paul E. Krizek July 24 Amanda Batten July 27 Betsy B. Carr July 28 Alfonso Lopez August 2 Elizabeth Bennett-Parker August 2 Emmett W. Hanger, Jr. August 7 Abigail Spanberger August 12 Holly M. Seibold August 16 Carrie Coyner August 20 R. Lee Ware August 21 Scott A. Surovell August 23 Terry Kilgore August 24 George Barker August 24 John McGuire August 27 Tim Anderson August 29 Nicholas J. Freitas September 5 Kathy J. Byron September 8 Monty Mason September 8 RodneyWillet September 11 Bob Good

41 September 12 Siobhan Dunnavant September 16 Anne Ferrell Tata September 17 Jeffrey Campbell September 18 Clinton Jenkins September 18 Tony O. Wilt September 19 Jeremy McPike September 20 Candi Mundon King September 22 Frank M. Ruff, Jr. September 23 Joseph “Joe” Morrissey September 24 Chris Runion September 24 Michael J. Webert September 25 Charniele Herring September 26 Barry D. Knight September 26 Wendy Gooditis September 26 Suhas Subramanyam September 27 Dan Helmer September 30 Danica Roem October 6 John S. Edwards October 7 Irene Shin October 10 H. OttoWachsmann, Jr. October 11 Cliff Hayes October 15 Stephen “Steve” Newman October 16 Terry Austin October 18 Mike Mullin October 19 Glenn R. Davis October 19 C. Todd Gilbert October 26 Tara Durant October 28 Bill DeSteph November 1 Todd Pillion November 3 Kenneth R. Plum November 6 Dawn Adams November 6 Kim Taylor November 9 Ryan McDougle November 9 Shelly Simonds November 10 Adam P. Ebbin November 13 Robert “Bobby” Orrock, Sr. November 16 Jennifer B. Boysko November 21 Wendell Walker November 26 Lynwood Lewis November 26 Delores McQuinn November 28 Bryce E. Reeves December 1 Amanda Chase December 5 Karrie Delaney December 9 Glenn Youngkin December 11 James “Jay” Leftwich December 15 A.C. Cordoza December 15 MarkWarner December 21 Lamont Bagby December 21 Susan Clark Schaar December 27 Jason Ballard December 28 Jennifer L. McClellan December 28 Lionell Spruill, Sr.

42 House During Session Send Mail to: The Honorable ______________ P.O. Box 406, Richmond, VA 23218 Salutation: Dear Mr., Ms., Mrs., Dr. __________ Speaker of the House The Honorable Todd C. Gilbert (R) Pocahontas Building, Room E605 Office 804.698.1015 Salutation: Dear Mr. Speaker House Majority Leader The Honorable Terry Kilgore (R) Pocahontas Building, Room E201 Office 804.698.1001 Salutation: Dear Mr. Kilgore House Minority Leader The Honorable Don Scott (D) Pocahontas Building, Room E601 Office 804.698.1041 Salutation: Dear Mr. Scott Clerk of the House of Delegates The Honorable Paul Nardo Office 804.698.1619 Salutation: Dear Mr. Nardo Clerk of the House – 804.698.1619 Deputy Clerks – 804.698.1561 Committee Clerks – 804.698.1530 Appropriations Committee – 804.698.1590

43 Insuring Virginia’s Future IIAV - Representing over 4,000 professionals across the Commonwealth INDEPENDENT INSURANCE AGENTS OF VIRGINIA ROBERT N. BRADSHAW, JR., MAM IIAV PRESIDENT & CEO CONTACT IIAV AT 804.747.9300 WWW.IIAV.COM “Whether you’re looking for personal campaign coverage — contact an independent agent today! ” or commercial lines of insurance —or even Please send updates to Download Our App

44 Class Name (Party) Seniority 1982 Plum (D)* 1 1990 Orrock (R) 2 1994 Kilgore (R) 3 1996 Watts (D)* 4 1998 Byron (R) 5 1/16/1998 Ware (R) 6 1/3/2001 Wright (R) 7 Bell, R.B. (R) 8 Marshall (R) 9 2004 Ward (D) 10 Sickles (D) 11 2006 Gilbert (R) 12 Bulova (D) 13 1/14/2009 Knight (R) 14 1/14/2009 McQuinn (D) 15 1/26/2009 Herring (D) 16 2010 Hope (D) 17 Morefield (R) 18 Edmunds (R) 19 Kory (D) 20 Carr (D) 21 Torian (D) 22 3/3/2010 Filler-Corn (D) 23 6/24/2010 Robinson (R) 24 6/24/2010 Wilt (R) 25 2012 Lopez (D) 26 Webert (R) 27 Ransone (R) 28 Fariss (R) 29 Hodges (R) 30 O’Quinn (R) 31 Head (R) 32 2014 Davis (R) 33 Leftwich (R) 34 Austin (R) 35 Fowler (R) 36 Adams, L. R. (R) 37 Campbell, J. (R) 38 LaRock (R) 39 Simon (D) 40 2014 Rasoul (D) 41 2/26/14 Bloxom (R) 42 9/12/14 Sullivan (D) 43 1/8/15 Murphy (D) 44 7/23/15 Bagby (D) 45 2016 Freitas (R) 46 Price (D) 47 Krizek (D) 48 11/22/16 Mullin (D) 49 Hayes (D) 50 2023 House Seniority

45 2023 House Seniority Class Name (Party) Seniority 2/8/17 Bourne (D) 51 Brewer (R) 52 Adams, D.M. (D) 53 VanValkenburg (D) 54 Guzman (D) 55 Delaney (D) 56 McGuire (R) 57 Gooditis (D) 58 Tran (D) 59 Convirs-Fowler (D) 60 Reid (D) 61 Roem (D) 62 11/26/18 McNamara (R) 63 2020 Walker (R) 64 Helmer (D) 65 Runion (R) 66 Subramanyam (D) 67 Hudson (D) 68 Simonds (D) 69 Willet (D) 70 Coyner (R) 71 Avoli (R) 72 Batten (R) 73 Wyatt (R) 74 Wampler (R) 75 Scott, D. (D) 76 Jenkins (D) 77 11/3/20 Wiley (R) 78 1/11/21 Williams Graves (D) 79 Mundon King (D) 80 2022 Sewell (D) 81 Ballard (R) 82 Bennett-Parker (D) 83 Cherry (R) 84 Williams (R) 85 Taylor (R) 86 Durant (R) 87 Scott, P. (R) 88 Maldonado (D) 89 Cordoza (R) 90 Anderson (R) 91 Greenhalgh (R) 92 Shin (D) 93 March (R) 94 Clark (D) 95 Tata (R) 96 Wachsmann (R) 97 1/11/2022 Glass (D) 98 1/10/2023 Campbell (R) 99 Seibold (D) 100 *Prior House Service

46 1 Kilgore, Terry (R) 2 Mundon King, Candi (D) 3 Morefield, JamesW. William (R) 4Wampler, William (R) 5 O’Quinn, Israel (R) 6 Campbell, Jeff (R) 7 March, Marie (R) 8 McNamara, Joe (D) 9Williams, Wren (R) 10 Gooditis, Wendy (D) 11 Rasoul, Sam (D) 12 Ballard, Jason (R) 13 Roem, Danica (D) 14 Marshall, III, Danny (R) 15 Gilbert, Todd (R) 16 Adams, Les (R) 17 Head, Chris (R) 18Webert, Michael (R) 19 Austin, Terry (R) 20 Avoli, John (R) 21 Convirs-Fowler, Kelly (D) 22 Byron, Kathy (R) 23Walker, Wendell (R) 24 Campbell, Ellen H. (R) 25 Runion, Chris (R) 26Wilt, Tony (R) 27 Robinson, Roxann (R) 28 Durant, Tara (R) 29Wiley, Bill (R) 30 Freitas, Nick (R) 31 Guzman, Elizabeth (D) 32 Reid, David (D) 33 LaRock, Dave (R) 34 Murphy, Kathleen (D) 35 Seibold, Holly M. (D) 36 Plum, Kenneth R. “Ken” (D) 37 Bulova, David (D) 38 Kory, Kaye (D) 39Watts, Vivian (D) 40 Helmer, Dan (D) 41 Filler-Corn, Eileen (D) 42 Tran, Kathy (D) 43 Sickles, Mark (D) 44 Krizek, Paul (D) 45 Bennett-Parker, Elizabeth (D) 46 Herring, Charniele (D) 47 Hope, Patrick (D) 48 Sullivan, Jr., Richard “Rip” (D) 49 Lopez, Alfonso (D) 50 Maldonado, Michelle (D) 51 Sewell, Briana (D) 52 Torian, Luke (D) 53 Simon, Marcus (D) 54 Orrock, Sr., Robert “Bobby” (R) 55 Fowler, Jr., Hyland F. “Buddy” (R) 56 McGuire, John (R) 57 Hudson, Sally (D) 58 Bell, III., Rob (R) 59 Fariss, Matt (R) 60 Edmunds, James (R) 61Wright, Jr., Thomas “Tommy” (R) 62 Coyner, Carrie (R) 63 Taylor, Kim (R) 64 Brewer, Emily (R) 65Ware, Jr., R. Lee (R) 66 Cherry, Mike (R) 67 Delaney, Karrie (D) 68 Adams, Dawn (D) 69 Carr, Betsy (D) 70 McQuinn, Delores (D) 71 Bourne, Jeffery (D) 72VanValkenburg, Schuyler (D) 73Willett, Rodney (D) 74 Bagby, Lamont (D) 75Wachsmann, Otto (R) 76 Jenkins, Clinton (D) 77 Hayes, Jr., C.E. “Cliff” (D) 78 Leftwich, Jr., James (R) 79 Clark, Nadarius (D) 80 Scott, Jr., Don (D) 81 Knight, Barry (R) 82 Tata, Anne Ferrell (R) 83 Anderson, Tim (R) 84 Davis, Jr., Glenn (R) 85 Greenhalgh, Karen (R) 86 Shin, Irene (D) 87 Subramanyam, Suhas (D) 88 Scott, Phillip (R) 89 Glass, Jackie (D) 90Williams Graves, Angelia (D) 91 Cordoza, A.C. (R) 92Ward, Jeion (D) 93 Mullin, Michael P. “Mike” (D) 94 Simonds, Shelly (D) 95 Price, Marcia “Cia” (D) 96 Batten, Amanda (R) 97Wyatt, Scott (R) 98 Hodges, Keith (R) 99 Ransone, Margaret (R) 100 Bloxom, Jr., Robert (R) 2023 House Districts

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Welcome Home Located steps from the General Assembly, Virginia State Capitol, and federal courts buildings, we’ve been the Richmond home for legislators and lobbyists for over a century. While cleanliness and safety have always been important, nowmore than ever we continue to implement even more rigorous, enhanced protocols for hygiene, cleanliness and safety. Our highest priority remains the safety and comfort of our guests and associates. The Commonwealth General Assembly Bldg. 901 BANK STREET • RICHMOND, VA 23219 • P 804.343.7300 F 804.343.1025 •