55 Freitas, Nicholas J . (R-30th) Orange and Madison; Part of Culpeper County Pocahontas 804.698.1030 • RoomW436 P.O. Box 693 • Culpeper, VA 22701 P 540.222.7706 Spouse: Tina; Chief of Staff: Gina M. Staufenberg Gilbert , C . Todd (R-15th) Page and Shenandoah; Part of Rockingham and Warren Pocahontas 804.698.1015 • Room E605 P.O. Box 309 • Woodstock, VA 22664 P 540.459.7550 Spouse: Jennifer; Legislative and District Director: Jeffrey Walters; Chief of Staff: Dean Goodson; Senior Policy Advisor and Counsel: Lindsay Fisher; Director of Communications: J . Garren Shipley; Director of Operations and Scheduling: Cecilia Damian; Caucus Director: Taylor Stanley Glass, Jackie Hope (D-89th) Part of Norfolk Pocahontas 804.698.1089 • Room E319 P.O. Box 99071 Norfolk, VA 23509 P 757.472.1293 Spouse: Doran; Chief of Staff: Stephanie Sidwell Gooditis, Wendy (D-10th) Part of Clarke, Frederick, and Loudoun Pocahontas 804.698.1010 • Room E316 P.O. Box 180 • Boyce, VA 22620 P 540.300.3857 Spouse: Chris; Chief of Staff: Kelsey Wright Greenhalgh, Karen (R-85th) Part of Virginia Beach Pocahontas 804.698.1085 • Room E425 Spouse: Ty; LA: Zach Sykes; Administrative Assistant: Carol Martin