2 Organizations AARP Virginia Jared Calafee, Director for Advocacy and Outreach, 804.839.1856 Alliance for Construction Excellence (ACE) J.T. Thomas, Chairman, 703.658.4383 Fraternal Order of Police, VA State Lodge Brad Carruther, President, 804.745.6720 Speech-Language-Hearing Association of Virginia (SHAV) Donna Bryant, President • Virginia Association for Career and Technical Education Darla Miller, Executive Director, 540.292.1278 Virginia Association for Marriage and Family Therapy Virginia Association of Realtors Terri Suit, CEO, o) 804.249.5702 c) 804.381.1222 Anthony Reedy, VP of Political Operations, 804.249.5719 Mary Lawson, Vice-President of Legislative Affairs, 804.249.5718 Erin Barton, Legislative Counsel, 804.622.7962 Virginia Association of Volunteer Rescue Squads, Inc. Edward “Buddy” Bish, Executive Director, 804.749.8191 Virginia Cable Telecommunications Association Ray LaMura, President, 804.780.1776 Virginia Coalition of Police and Deputy Sheriffs Chip Condon, President, 1.800.913.2727 Virginia Education Association – 804.648.5801 Dr. James Fedderman, President Shane Riddle, Director of Government Relations Virginia Electoral Board Association JoAnne Speiden, President, 434.351.3865 Virginia Fire Chiefs Association John Prillaman, President, 540.375.3080 Virginia Governmental Employees Association J. Marshall Terry, Executive Director, 804.355.2118 Virginia League of Conservation Voters Michael Town, Executive Director, 804.225.1902 Virginia Professional Fire Fighters Robert Bragg, President, 434.882.8238 Virginia Retired Teachers Association Jean Marrow, President, 804.275.7278 KarenWhetzel, President-elect, 540-740-8589 Bea Morris, Legislative Liaison Virginia School Counselor Association Laura Kershner, Chair Amy Gleason Carroll, Assistant Chair Virginia State Firefighters Association Pete Kirby, President, 804.873.5955 Voter Registrars Association of Virginia Brenda Cabrera, President, 703.385.7891