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Members of the Senate of Virginia

Kenneth Cooper Alexander (2012–2016)

Rosalyn R. Dance (2014–present)

*Benjamin J. Lambert, III (1986–2007)

Mamie E. Locke (2004–present)

L. Louise Lucas (1992–present)

Henry L. Marsh, III (1992–2014)

*Walter Henry Maxwell (1992–2003)

Jennifer L. McClellan (2017–present)

A. Donald McEachin (2008–2016)

*Yvonne Bond Miller (1987–2013)

Robert Cortez Scott (1983–1992)

Lionell Spruill, Sr. (2016–present)

Lawrence Douglas Wilder, Sr. (1970–1985)

Key: (Tenure), *Deceased


When the research and biographical information on each

member has been completed and reconciled with the records

of the Keeper of the Rolls, the information will be added to the

Commission’s African American Legislators’ Database on its

website, at .