What is Lobbying?

lobbying_vff  We help our clients open the doors.

Lobbying, or governmental relations, means communicating with lawmakers with a purpose. This is a necessary activity in any democracy. The term “lobbyist” was coined in Washington, D.C.’s elegant Willard Hotel. Ulysses S. Grant took his brandy and cigars in the ornate hotel, and those who wanted to get his attention soon learned to wait for him to pass through the hotel lobby. Through the years, these “lobbyists” have sometimes acquired a bad name. Not so with David Bailey Associates. We have longstanding, mutually respectful relationships with legislators and governmental officials, who recognize that they can turn to David Bailey Associates for truthful, detailed information about the issues of the day. Our professional, registered lobbyists have time to study your issues, visit lawmakers, and keep up with changes that occur in bills as they make their way through the process. We know how to make the best possible presentation of your point of view.

What is Business Consulting?

In addition to lobbying, David Bailey Associates provides business consulting. We can help business representatives to meet and mingle with key government decision makers. Those introductions can lead to new business ideas and opportunities. David Bailey Associates can work with you to increase your market share. We enjoy seeing your business prosper.


David Bailey Associates promotes a wide variety of clients throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. Our clients include:

  • Businesses
  • Nonprofits
  • Professional Associations
  • Public Safety Associations

David Bailey Associates is positioned to serve you.

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