Elect No Strangers 2023

44 91st District Part of Chesapeake and Portsmouth Hayes, Cliff (Democrat)* 732 Eden Way North • Suite E #183 Chesapeake, VA 23320 757.364.0272 vote@cliffhayes.com www.Cliffhayes.com 92nd District Part of Chesapeake and Norfolk Photo not available Durig, Michael (Republican) michaeldurig@cox.net Anthony, Bonita (Democrat) P.O. Box 1853 Norfolk, VA 23501 757.204.5492 info@bonitaforva.com bonitaforva.com 93rd District Part of Norfolk Sitka, III, John (Republican) P.O. Box 10190 Norfolk, VA 23513 757.606.8829 info@sitkafordelegate.com sitkafordelegate.com Glass, Jackie H. (Democrat)* P.O. Box 99071 Norfolk, VA 23510 757.472.1293 deljglass@house.virginia.gov www.delegatejackieglass.com HOUSE CANDIDATES