Virginia Capitol Connections 2022

51 Bennett-Parker, Elizabeth (D-45th) Part of Alexandria, Arlington, and Fairfax County Pocahontas 804.698.1045 • Room E218 107 S. West Street, Suite 152 Alexandria, VA 22314 P 703.789.0776 Spouse: Stephen; Chief of Staff: Ted Sorrell Bloxom, Jr., Robert S. (R-100th) Accomack and Northampton; Part of Norfolk and Virginia Beach Pocahontas 804.698.1000 • Room E403 P.O. Box 27 • 14116 Lankford Highway Mappsville, VA 23407 P 757.824.3456 Spouse: Lou; LA: Joseph L. Hopkins Bourne, Jeffrey M. “Jeff” (D-71st) Part of Richmond City Pocahontas 804.698.1071 • RoomW231 P.O. Box 406 • Richmond, VA 23218 Spouse: Anedra LA: Eugene Chigna Brewer, Emily (R-64th) Isle of Wight, Surry; Part of Prince George and Suffolk Pocahontas 804.698.1064 • Room E414 P.O. Box 5 • Smithfield, VA 23431 P 757.239.1213 Spouse: Andrew; LA: Camille Castleberry Bulova, David L. (D-37th) City of Fairfax; Part of Fairfax Pocahontas 804.698.1037 • Room E204 P.O. Box 106 • Fairfax Station, VA 22039 P 703.310.6752 Spouse: Gretchen; LA: Rama Van Pelt