Virginia Capitol Connections 2022

49 (89th) Part of Norfolk Pocahontas 804.698.1089 • RoomW226 Special Election 1/11/2022 Adams, Dawn M. (D-68th) Part of Chesterfield, Henrico and Richmond City Pocahontas 804.698.1068 • Room E314 P.O. Box 25331 • Richmond, VA 23260 Partner/Spouse: Maggie; LA: Brandon Jackson Adams, Les R. (R-16th) Martinsville; Part of Henry and Pittsylvania Pocahontas 804.698.1016 • Room E205 P.O. Box K, Chatham, VA 24531 P 434.432.1600 Spouse: Melanie; LA: Shani Shorter Anderson, Tim (R-83rd) Part of Norfolk and Virginia Beach Pocahontas 804.698.1083 • RoomW437 P 757.295.8264 Spouse: Amy; LA: Chad Brown Austin, Terry (R-19th) Counties of Allegheny, Bedford (part) and Botetourt; City of Covington Pocahontas 804.698.1019 • RoomW1304 P.O. Box 400 • Buchanan, VA 24066 P 540.254.1500 • F 540.254.2729 Spouse: Kathy; LA: Matthew Miller