Redbook 2022

42 House During Session Send Mail to: The Honorable ______________ P.O. Box 406, Richmond, VA 23218 Salutation: Dear Mr., Ms., Mrs., Dr. __________ Speaker of the House The Honorable Todd C. Gilbert (R) Pocahontas Building, Room E605 Office 804.698.1015 Salutation: Dear Mr. Speaker House Majority Leader The Honorable Terry Kilgore (R) Pocahontas Building, Room E201 Office 804.698.1001 Salutation: Dear Mr. Kilgore House Minority Leader The Honorable Eileen Filler-Corn (D) Pocahontas Building, Room E601 Office 804.698.1041 Salutation: Dear Ms. Filler-Corn Clerk of the House of Delegates The Honorable Paul Nardo Office 804.698.1619 Salutation: Dear Mr. Nardo Clerk of the House –804.698.1619 Deputy Clerks –804.698.1561 Committee Clerks –804.698.1530 Appropriations Committee Staff –804.698.1590 Legislative Information –804.698.1500 Fax Number for Delegates –804.771.7900