Redbook 2022

10 Senate During Session Send Mail to: The Honorable ______________ Pocahontas Building Richmond, VA 23219 Salutation: Dear Senator __________ President of the Senate The HonorableWinsome Sears (R) Lieutenant Governor–804.786.2078 President Pro Tempore The Honorable L. Louise Lucas (D) Pocahontas Building, Room E604 804.698.7518 Majority Leader The Honorable Richard S. Saslaw (D) Pocahontas Building, Room E602 804.698.7535 Minority Leader The Honorable Thomas K. Norment Jr. (R) Pocahontas Building, Room E603 804.698.7503 Clerk of the Senate The Honorable Susan Clarke Schaar Office 804.698.7400 Salutation: Dear Mrs. Schaar Deputy Clerk–804.698.7400 Committee Clerks–804.698.7450 Finance Committee Staff–804.698.7480 Information–804.698.7410 or 888-892.6948 FAX Number for Senators–804.698.7651 Senate Clerk’s Office Staff– Senator/SCOPersonnel.php Committees– standingcommittees.php